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Board and Beam

Board and Beam Co. is a five-year-old small business specializing in dismantling antique barns and houses for rebuild or to salvage architectural details and building material. We also do restorations, repairs and provide consultation services for clients planning to turn an antique barn into a house, studio or to build an addition to an old house.

We design and build small out-buildings such as: reproduction 17th C. New England settler cottages, pergolas, garden / potting sheds, garages - all from antique building material.

We receive many general inquiries from people who are thinking about a barn or using antique building material. Send us your questions and we will provide information to assist in moving your project along.

In this web site we show samples of some of the structures and products available. Many structures are standing, but generally for a limited period. Often they are in the way of development. This is especially true of houses in the old section of a town.

Barns become available for a variety of reasons - development, barn deteriorating and too expensive to repair, or owner wants to convert barn to cash. We do not dismantle a structure unless we have it sold or we need major items. For example, if a client orders a large amount of antique house flooring it might be economical for us to dismantle the house rather than just take out flooring.

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Our logo - a hand-colored 19th C. Connecticut barn.