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Board and Beam

Two turn-of-the-century gambrel roof barns in CT.

These barns are large - 45 x 100 and 35 x 65 - with rough sawn post and beam frames. They are located on a school campus in Connecticut. The large barn frame has quite high walls. The barn could be reconstructed as a club house, visitor center, community center or theater. The smaller barn has walls measuring 13-ft and could be turned into any kind of structure.

This is a typical 19th C. barn frame. We have a number of frames available in all sizes - some are already dismantled but most remain standing.

New Hampshire barn frame

2 1/2-story late 19th C. Hudson River area barn.

This 40 x 50 2 1/2-story Hudson River barn was built in the late 19th C. Since it is high and nearly square it can be turned into a variety of unique structures. The frame is rough sawn pine, hemlock and oak.